Indian Invasion

Indian Invasion is not just a game. It's the cruel reality that millions of Americans have to face each day. A typical American STEM worker may have to apply to 1,000 jobs to get an interview and do 3 interviews to get a job. If they don't find a job within 180 days, they will become permanently unemployed, no longer counted by the fake jobs reports.

However, for an Indian to get a job in America, all they need to do is have an OPT or H1B visa. They can easily switch from one job to another overnight & extend their visas indefinitely while they wait for a Green Card (even though they are supposed to be temporary guest workers). Many companies only hire Indians with work visas since they can pay them 50% less than an American and force them to work like slaves, such as extra hours, low pay, no benefits, no breaks...

Since Americans don't qualify for H1B visas, they should have the right to challenge any H1B guest worker (not just Indians) for their job. If an American can do the same work as an H1B worker in the same amount of time, then clearly there is no shortage of high skilled labor. So the temporary worker should be sent home immediately and the American should get the job. And at the very least, Indian sweat shops should be required to put out a disclosure stating that they only hire H1B Indians so Americans don't waste their time applying for jobs they have no chance of getting.

Discrimination against American workers in favor of Indian workers is not only racist, it is against the law. Yet corrupt politicians and greedy corporations from both India and America have made it a living hell for American STEM workers that are currently unemployed and looking for work. You know there's a serious problem when 95% of the time an American STEM worker applies for a job, someone calls them from India. Nobody calls from other countries - just India. Why do Americans have to go to India to find themselves a job in their own country? And if Americans acquire relationships with foreign entities for their job search, it could disqualify them from obtaining security clearances in the future.

Outsourcing has been going on for decades. But it has now worsened to the point where an American software engineer with 30 years of experience can be out of the work for 3 years. And the entire infrastructure of the American STEM industry depends entirely on immigrants from a single third-world country where fake education, fake resumes, cheating, lying and scams are part of every-day life.

India only makes up 17.5% of the world's population. But they are taking more than half of all foreign worker visas issued by the US. And they will take all of them if they can (via the new S386 bill). Many people are concerned about Russian influencing the elections. But India is already making our laws. It seems like Prime Minister Modi the new president of the United States.

India has already run its economy into the ground by lack of education, overpopulation and exportation of their brightest minds overseas. According to India Today, only 7% of engineering graduates in India are employable. India is a country where they play in cow poo and the doctor says it's healthy. It is one of the few countries in the world country that still uses a racist caste system. It's a country where a lot of places don't have running water or electricity let alone computers or Internet. It's a country where recently, a rape victim was set ablaze and died in the hospital before making it to her own rape trial. It's a country where its all too common that Christians are beaten to death on the street just because they are not Hindu. It's a country where everyone is eventually asked by their parents when they are a child, ”what is your favorite scam?" And usually the bigger the scam is, the more popular it is.

Of course there are many talented people in India. But to suggest that there is a higher percentage of high skilled STEM workers in India compared to the rest of the world is very illogical thinking, especially given its slum-like status. And any Americans that have had to work with several H1B Indians can tell you that most of them are low skilled or average at best. If American corporations want cheap labor from the ghettos, why not try at least try a run-down American city like Baltimore first? Plus, there are many high skilled STEM workers in England, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia... But very few of the people from these countries actually get to come to the US as temporary guest workers, because the system has been gamed to benefit India first.

Even CEO's at large IT companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM have been replaced by Indians, perhaps based more off of their ability to speak Telugu, the number of Indian connections they have and how many jobs they promise to outsource to India, rather than their leadership skills or innovative ideas. Their shareholders are taking a big gamble thinking that they can simply replace American workers with more Indians at a lower cost and teach them how to code. It may benefit them in the short term via stock buybacks with the money saved. But as Boeing found out the hard way with its $9-per-hour engineers, not everyone can be a good coder and it often leads to decreased productivity and possible bankruptcy.

Yet as long as outsourcing continues, "conveniently" there is never any job wage inflation. So the Federal Reserve has an excuse to keep interest rates artificially low, enabling corporations to borrow cheap money and do even more stock buybacks. It's all part of financial engineering contributing to the size and ugliness of the big, fat, ugly bubble, whereas the stock price matters more than earnings growth.

There simply isn't a shortage of high skilled labor in America. There is only a scarcity of American companies that are willing to hire Americans and pay them the wages determined by supply and demand of the current labor market within their own borders. If there really was a shortage, there are many foreigners from all over the world that would like to come to the US as temporary guest workers because they are looking for better opportunities than what is available in their countries. But India is jumping the line and abusing the system.

America is not the place where you try to be the first to push your way onto a fully-loaded elevator or the setting where you jump onto a crowded moving train. Americans don’t like to live with their families with 20+ people in the same house. But if America does not stand up against the onslaught of American STEM industries and stop the Indian Invasion (like most countries have already done), mass immigration of cheap, foreign labor may become its demise, where one day, there will be no more high paying jobs in America and Americans will wake up in a 3rd-world country that is no better than India.