The Forgotten American Worker

Millions of high skilled American STEM workers were laid off and replaced by Indians with H1B visas; many had to train their replacements or watch their jobs move overseas. Fake jobs reports do not count them because they have been out of the workforce for so long. They are considered permanently unemployed.

If you are an American, it doesn't seem to matter how qualified you are now. You may have 20 years of experience in a high-tech field and it's still very difficult, if not impossible to find a job, because talent is no longer appreciated in America. Corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to help greedy corporations outsource our jobs overseas or bring in slave labor from India to replace us at a lower cost, claiming there is a shortage of skilled labor. Even politicians that say they have an America First Agenda are just lying through their teeth.

President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Invanka Trump, Newt Gingrich, Senator Rand Paul and others have joined the Indian Hindu Coalition (even though none of them are Indian or Hindu) and are working diligently with Prime Minister Modi of India, Indian lobbyists, and billion-dollar Indian outsourcing firms such as Tata, to assist India in obtaining virtually every last high skilled job in America via H1B and OPT visas. In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Jan 10th 2020, Trump refused to answer why he had stabbed Americans in the back, abandoning his America First polices and encouraging more foreign workers to come into our country to take our jobs and drive down wages. Trump once said he would be "the greatest jobs president God ever created". But what he should have said is, "the greatest jobs recruiter for India Brahma ever created".

Senator Mike Lee has been actively trying to pass an Indian First bill, S386, in the Senate without even a hearing. If it passes, it would award India all the green cards for the next 14 years. Politicians claim it is a Fairness-For-Foreign-Workers bill. Yet Silicon Valley is already 70% Indian. When they say "foreigners", what they really mean is "Indian". And you will probably not see a Fairness-For-Recent-STEM-Graduates bill or a Permanantly-Unemployed-High-Skilled-American-Workers bill anytime soon because we are in the midst of an Indian invasion, organized by many of the same politicians that we voted into office, because they promised to end it.

It's very frustrating when you have to send out 1000's of resumes to every major city in the US for several months and you're wondering if you're going to have to give up your high-tech career and sacrifice your college education, advanced degrees, certifications plus several years of on-the-job training and professional experience to work at a part-time, minimum-wage job until an Illegal from Mexico replaces you, or you're considering applying for a work visa in another country, or becoming an Indian citizen so you can obtain an H1B visa, then return to the US and continue your career, that is to say, if Indian managers are willing to hire you after they hire their Indian friends first. And in the meantime, you have politicians like Joe Biden telling coal miners to learn how to code, insulting every software engineer in America.

Then to add more insult to injury, during your job search, you are constantly being bombarded with Indian voicemails, Indian text messages and Indian emails. 95% of all responses to your resume comes from Indian recruiting agencies (typically located in India), pretending to find you a job. But they are just running some kind of scam. Since a corporation only needs two "unqualified" American applicants to apply for a position before they can claim an H1B candidate is required to fill the job, usually an Indian named Kumar is just checking off a box. Others try to collect your PI data so they can pull off a more profitable, fraudulent scheme.

If you are a recent STEM graduate, you will soon discover that it could easily take you a whole year to find a job, as there are many more Indians with OPT visas that are willing to do your job at a lower cost. If you think you need to get more job-related training after graduation, be aware of the Indian high-tech training schools. For example, there are several IT training courses set up by Indians who pretend to be professors or experts in the field. But they just give lectures by reading off of Wikipedia. Then they will have you create fake resumes with several years of experience at fake companies. They will make you sign a contract to agree to work for them anywhere in the US that they want you to go at anytime and at a very low wage. If you quit the training course within 6 months or stop working for them within a year, they will make you pay a $10,000 exit fee.

If you're a factory worker, you may have seen your job move overseas, even though politicians promised you that you could keep your job. Maybe it went to China, Mexico, South Korea... And it's not coming back. If you're a teenager that will be looking for a part-time job soon, the future does not look so good for you either. Illegals who cross the Mexican border will likely take those jobs before you do or drive down the wages so it's not worth your time.

The forgotten American worker is struggling in today's job market. Many didn't receive a raise in several years, were laid off while their company was on a foreign worker hiring spree, had to train their H1B replacement, encountered extreme difficulty obtaining interviews, were out of the workforce for a ridiculous amount of time, had to take a huge pay cut without benefits just to make ends meet, had to work with several unskilled H1B Indians, applied to jobs that don't really exist, ...) Meanwhile, the job market is booming if you are an Indian with an H1B visa.

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